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Since summer 2009 M.T. INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is not only truly international
through its international board of directors, but also through the involvement and
support of DI (FH) Thomas Abzieher and Prof. LPH Dipl. Ing. Margarete Grimus,
who are both specialists in their field in Austria, Europe.

Thomas as well as Margarete  have, through the donation of a lot of equipment and, most especially, through their actions and
efforts, tremendously contributed to the standard of

After only a  very short planning period , Thomas A. came  to Nigeria to set up a fully equipped computer lab in our school within
only two weeks. He thereby prepared
M.T. INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE for the coming of Prof. Grimus, who held a  three module
ICTT program for our Primary and Secondary school teachers

Further, through their combined efforts, M.T. I NTERNATIONAL COLLEGE has been donated 20 Microsoft licenses to be installed
on the systems in our brand new  lab. According to Microsoft, 98% of  all companies in Nigeria are using pirated copies of Microsoft,
while no more than 2% have acquired legal MS licenses . This makes us really unique and proud as an educational institution and
reconfirms us, that we are on the right  way!